How long will the proposal review process take?

You should expect the proposal review process to take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.  This, of course, will vary depending on the datasets requested and the need for additional agency review.  Proposals requesting economic data will require IRS review and will typically take 1 year for approval.

Will I need to obtain security clearance?

Yes.  Anyone accessing data in the lab must have security clearance, Special Sworn Status, and a Census issued badge.  We will assist you with the SSS application process.  The clearance process typically takes three months.

Will I be allowed to bring in my own applications for statistical analysis?

No.  We provide several analysis packages including: SAS, Stata, Gauss, Matlab, R, and Sudaan.

Who is already using the data?

Researchers using the data include faculty and students from the Ross School of Business, Economics Department, Ford School of Public Policy, School of Social Work, Sociology Department, Survey Methodology, School of Public Health, Pop Studies, and more.

What are the fees?

Access to the MRDC is provided at no charge to University of Michigan faculty and graduate students.  Other researchers should inquire to the MRDC for fee information.

Do I need to be a U.S. Citizen?

No.  U.S. Citizenship is not required. Non-citizens are required to have lived in the U.S. for at least three years, though the years do not have to be continuous.

Should I first apply for a grant or contract or for MRDC access?

Many researchers will support their research at the MRDC through a grant or contract with a NIA, NSF, Federal agencies, or private foundations.  Should the researcher apply first for the grant or for MRDC access?  Given the potential for delay, researchers with a well-developed proposal may want to apply simultaneously. Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss the best approach for given circumstances.